Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Boyle Family . . . Art that is true at the time.

Tidal Series, the same spot on Camber sands represented over seven days 1969.

What is interesting about the Boyle Family is how they choose what to include in each of the series. Each section of work consists of a square of ground which is cast on the spot of a particular location. The way they decide upon a spot is fascinating, they would display a map of the world on a wall and visitors would then be blindfolded and be asked to throw a dart at the map. Wherever the dart landed is where they would undertake their next piece of artwork.
They attempt to present a slice of reality as they found it at the moment of selection, and as the world is always changing, so their work will never be a permanent and accurate representation of the world in which we live…but it was true at the time. . . . . no words, yet supergraphics nonetheless.

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